Marianna’s interest in creative practices began at a young age. Frequent trips to stay with family in Mexico exposed her to the roots of her Mexican culture. Curiosity to investigate and create was nourished by her family. Initially, photography intrigued her as a creative endeavor, but later, she favored the materials and processes of drawing and painting. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA in Painting.
Further awareness of her indigenous heritage and Chicano culture blossomed during art school. Also, during that time, visiting her grandmother’s village in Oaxaca and various archaeological sites in Central Mexico and Chiapas on separate occasions transformed that awareness into the passion and central idea for her work.
After art school, Marianna taught drawing and painting at two separate private studios. One of those studios belonged to classically trained, Venezuelan artist Conchita Firgau, which led Marianna to want to explore a blend of Western realism and Pre-Columbian themes and subject matter.
Today Marianna continues to teach art at the high school level and is a Boise resident. She draws and paints in oil, acrylic, and mixed media, incorporating cultural objects, portraits, animals, still life, collage and patterns into her visual language.